Plumbing Leak Repair in Houston, TX

From the Local Plumbers at Hugo Plumbing

A plumbing leak can derail everyone’s day at your home or office. Thankfully, Hugo Plumbing is here to get the water back on and clear the puddles ASAP. We can repair leaks in your toilets, sinks, showers and pipes. Our plumbers will even tunnel and fix leaks in your underground piping and sewer lines if needed.

Stop the leaks for good. Call 713-409-7176 right now to send an experienced plumber to your home or commercial property in Houston, Texas.

3 signs you have a plumbing leak in your building

Not sure if you have a leak or not? You know it’s time to call Hugo Plumbing when:


You notice wet spots or discolored flooring by your sink, bathtub or toilet.


You discover mold or mildew on your floors, walls or ceiling.


Your water bill increases dramatically.

If you notice any of the issues above in your home or office, contact Hugo Plumbing for leak detection and restoration services ASAP.